Friday, January 21, 2011

Shiny new blog

And my, how very shiny it is. Like hell I'm gonna go with another black-and-grey Slenderblog theme; that's just too gloomy and overdone. This theme fits with the title and the mood I'd like to convey. Though, of course, if my dear friends Sammie and Stormecho have anything they'd like to change, they can go right ahead and do so. Forgive me if this blog's title and URL are really lame or self-centered or whatever; I'm horrible at names. xD;

So, uh, basically, this blog is for the combined efforts of me and my aforementioned dear friends to analyse, organize, and discuss things. Probably Slenderblog things. I'm a little unclear on where we're going now, but making a blog to organize it all sounds like a good first step.

I'm gonna see about giving access to Storm and Sam so they can also post things here. I'd rather not just give them the password to this blog, as that is a very inelegant way to do things, don't you think?